Amongst the Ashes showcase a fine marriage of Eastern and Western music in their aggressive and fast music. The band initially started in Tehran, Iran, in 2018 as a solo project of long-time musician/songwriter Aelian Hallaji. A year after their 2020 debut EP Agonizing Awakening, the project and Aelian himself moved to Tampere, Finland. Since the big move, while Aelian maintained vocal duties, Heikki Mäki (Bass), Matias Rokio (Drums), Mikko Niskanen (Guitars), and Antti Ohtonen (Guitars) from the Finnish bands Erase This Earth and Sargassus joined Amongst the Ashes and the final lineup was ready. Amongst the Ashes’ music is primarily based on a combination of fast-paced heavy riffs and eerie Middle-Eastern themes as a background for Hallaji’s metaphorically pleading words. Melodic solos and riffs are the band’s way of balancing out the rapid barrage of riffs and highlighting the overall sound. The band’s lyrics show the unique insight that is Aelian’s Iranian background and will be further explored with his endeavours in Finland. With the single “Exalted Traitors” already released, the upcoming EP “Fabricated Monolith” introduces the band’s new chapter and feature familiar elements from the earlier releases coupled with an even more aggressive touch and world-class production quality. While planning to play live gigs in Finland and other European countries, Amongst the Ashes already have eyes on the next release.

Exalted Traitors lyric video 2022


Mohammad "Aelian" Hallaji


Also Bass for Sargassus.

Heikki Mäki


Heikki is the man who quite recently and almost by accident found the joy of holding the bass guitar. Enjoys the simple things in life like low tunings and growling into a microphone. Will never say no to a nice Irish whiskey. His biggest musical inspirations include Hypocrisy, Allegaeon and In Flames. Vocals and founding member for technical death metal band, Erase This Earth, too.

Matias Rokio


The man behind the drumkit that likes to get things done fast – not only in terms of beats per minute but also with everything else, making others work (and probably get annoyed) hard. His playing is influenced by a broad spectrum of different genres, from black metal to funk and progressive rock. Kingston Wall, Iron Maiden and Mastodon are his all-time favourites and endless sources of inspiration. He is also founder of both death-metal force Erase This Earth and post-metal oddity Sargassus.

Mikko Niskanen


Mikko is a guitar and cello player who appreciates accuracy and that’s something one can hear especially from his musicianship. Despite his classical background, Mikko always loves to take it to the extreme with metal and beer drinking. He likes his music fast and tight with complex patterns and a lot of aggression. His list of favourite bands includes e.g. Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus and Hypocrisy. Songwriter and founding member of technical death metal act, Erase this Earth too.

Antti Ohtonen

Guitars, Backing clean vocals

Antti is a passionate guitar player who enjoys fast(food) solos and complicated but good sounding surprises in music. Some of his favorite bands are Stam1na, Dream Theater, Lamb of God, and Children of Bodom. His all time favorite guitar players include people like Guthrie Govan, John Petrucci, Tom Quayle, and probably himself. Antti enjoys listening to many kinds of metal but in recent years he has gotten into jazz fusion and junk food like kebab. Founding member of Erase This Earth too.

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Agonizing Awakening

The Fabricated Monolith

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